This week it’s been all about the pink. I died my hair bright pink. I didn’t expect it to have such an effect on how I felt about myself. I’m still shocked when I look in a mirror but I’m enjoying how it’s changed how I feel about myself. Maybe I’ll show you it, but to match I’m changing my nipple jewellery to match. This opal style pink nipple bar seems perfect.

Close up colour photograph of  a blue and pink paisley silk top being lifted up to show a bare left breast with a pink opal nipple bar through the nipple i

If you like this jewellery photograph check out my weekly images when I change my jewellery.

5 thoughts on “Pink Opal Nipple Bar #SJC 121

  1. I keep my hair pink whenever I can. I love it! Eventually I have to lay off because it grows out and u hey tired of bleaching and salon visits. Don’t the one at home is easy enough, but bleaching isn’t.
    Anyway, YAY for pink hair! ?

  2. Lovely! I used to love colouring my hair all kinds of fab colours, but I haven’t done it in ages. I think you may have inspired me to break out the colour! Very pretty jewellery, too.

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