I propped my camera on the chair at the bottom of the bed and launched myself onto her. She laughed as she watched me hop back and forth moving the chair and the camera and the bedding a couple of times before I launched at her again. Showing her the screen in my hand and pressing the button. I took a series of images getting progressively filthier before I couldn’t concentrate any more on the camera because of what she was doing with her hands. Maybe I’ll share those other images another time.

Colour photograph of two naked women seen on a bed  but only viewed from the feet
Sinful sunday logo of a pink lip  print

22 thoughts on “Tangle of Toes

  1. I love that picture, it’s sexy and fun! (And I love how you can tell by the paint colour whose feet are whose :-)).

  2. Missy! This is so hot and intimate and beautiful. The perspective makes me feel like such a voyeur… a lovely warm and human picture for these weird times.

  3. It’s impressive how you manage to capture four legs while it almost seems as if there’s just one body there. I love the intimacy here, skin on skin so closely. And it’s such a calming picture at the same time

  4. This is so beautiful, it’s breathtakingly intimate and your words made me smile. It sounds like you’ve captured the moment perfectly.

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