I wore my new collar most of the weekend. Partly because my husband wanted me too but mainly because I could (not being in my local city or seeing any relatives). I thought it might not look obvious but I enjoyed feeling “out” in public with it. Noticing the few knowing looks and smiles from the odd passerby. The soft but rigid leather kept my chin up and head high adding to my positive feelings.

We had joked about using her lead on me but it was later on the Sunday afternoon before it was out and attached.

I knelt on the wooden floor as she played with me. Naked apart from my collar and lead. He watched with his cock in his hand and his movement distracted her. She passed over the lead and he pulled me closer. Making me shuffle on my knees. Watching as she took his cock in her mouth. Knowing I was not allowed to join in. Pulling me closer to watch. Twisting my nipple to make me squirm, he watched my mouth water as I wished I could add my lips to hers.

The lead handle was fed under the table leg. Like a dog in a pub I was kept nearby but restrained. I laid down on a small beanbag. An idea crossed her mind and she jumped up and returned quickly holding a remote vibrating lelo love egg and a wicked grin on her face. I didn’t complain as she pushed the smooth silicone vibrating shape into my wet cunt. The low hum felt good inside me but I involuntary twitched as the power increased. She sat there and giggled. Tapping the buttons to switch the vibrating pattern. Tilting the remote to increase and decrease the power. I wriggled. The constant sensation I could deal with but the changes kept my inside flipping. I knew I was close to coming and my back arched but the power was lowered by her. “No, you aren’t allowed to come. Not until your husband joins us” my heart sunk but my head knew that these two teasing me and making me wait was exactly what I needed. I tried to relax but she played with the remote again. They talked together about how I looked. I wasn’t really tuned into the conversation but knew they were discussing me, my actions, behaviour and my naked body. She took out her phone and filmed me squirming around. Still with my lead attached to the table. I’m not sure how long I was there for. It felt like hours but maybe it was only minutes.

I was just starting to get desperate when I was saved by the vibrating stopping inside me. I visibly relaxed and she questioned why. I told her it had stopped and she removed it with a smile, he stated it was probably time to go and wake the guest up and maybe she should walk me through. She retrieved the lead handle and I sat up. Making my way towards the door on my hands and knees, she led me into the bedroom where my husband lay stirring from him sleep.

“Look what I brought you” she grinned.

10 thoughts on “Collar and lead.

    1. Firstly lovely collar, I can see why you’d be excited to wear it outside. I also love using a lead so enjoy reading about your experiences ☺.

  1. The few times I’ve worn a distinct collar out in the public, I really enjoyed it — it makes me feel free (if that makes sense).

    And also, OMG, what a lovely tease with the vibrator.

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