When I saw that the Kink Of The Week was going to be clothes pegs I knew I was going to have to post something. I love clothes pegs. The nagging pull as they go on and the delicious sting when they are removed, and the scowl I make if he flicks them when they are in situ.

Nearly all our old wooden pegs have gone now except one that has HIS written on it, which we keep in the draw by our bed. But if we want more than one peg I go fetch the peg bag. Plastic and colourful. These nip just as well as the wooden ones. Those of you that play with pegs will know it’s not the going on that really gets you but when they come off. Here is a little series of images showing just that.

Colour photograph of a close up of a left breast hanging down (woman on all fours) the left breast has six blue pegs attached in a row hanging down in a fan shape

Colour photograph of a naked breast hanging down with four blue pegs attached to it in a row hanging down in a fan shape. Two have been removed showing red marks.

Colour photograph of a left naked breast hanging down with two blue pegs attached. Four have been removed leaving red marks

Colour photograph of a left breast hanging down (nipple is pierced with a nipple horseshoe) and there are marks either side where pegs have been removed

Colour photograph close up of a naked left female breast with a turquoise nipple horseshoe in place and size red marks either side where clothes pegs have been removed

I do use pegs over or around my nipple piercing too but it’s often easier when it’s just a nipple bar in place. If pinching over the metal that is rather unpleasant. It needs to be held on flesh not my piercing.

To see who else is talking about pegs click on the KOTW picture below.

7 thoughts on “Clothes Pegs

    1. Gives pain and added sensation in an erotic way. Different to a spanking but those added sensations in an erogenous zone gives extra pleasure.

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