After taping my wrists together and my mouth shut, I watched silently as he wrapped the pink bondage tape around my legs. Ankles first, then just below the knee and just above. He stopped to admire his work, or maybe just the flesh of my legs held together. He smiled and nodded to himself. Satisfied that although I could flex my knees and use my arms for support or rolling over, I wasn’t going to be going anywhere fast.

He picked up my feet so he could rub my ticklish soles softly. I involuntary groaned into my gag. He perched my ankles onto a little stool, my back now flat to the floor and picked up the crop. His eyes watching mine as he stroked the leather crop against the underside of my toes. I closed my eyes trying desperately to keep still but struggling not to lift my feet away.

“Eyes open, and remember to stay still”

I breathed in through my nose deeply and opened my eyes to watch him work.

This image and post was inspired by my previous image seen on this post Q is for Quiet

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