Not everyday in Yorkshire is conducive to outdoor naked shots. Important to keep my raincoat with me. Doesn’t stop me though. Managed a few images recently in slightly drizzly weather. Which image do you prefer?

Colour photograph of a woman standing in some woods only wearing a grey raincoat, facing away from the camera, scratching her naked arse

Colour photograph of a woman bending over in some woods showing her bare arse.

Colour photograph of a woman leaning against a tree in some woods only wearing a hooded raincoat, which is open and showing her naked body.

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19 thoughts on “Raincoat

  1. I’m going to put in a vote for the second one being my favourite. I don’t know why but the idea that you might be bending down to examine an interesting bit of woodland stuff captured my imagination and just added to the whole effect of the photo. I imagined being stood behind you as you exclaimed … ‘oooh look at this’ and being behind you with the only response being ‘yes look at that indeed.’ =D Great set of images x

  2. I love all of these but the last one was my favourite, like a sexy contemporary Little Red Riding Hood out for a walk in the forest luring the wolves…

  3. Ohh tricky, they are all fabulous but I think the 3rd one, there is something slightly red riding hood about the way you are wearing the raincoat that I just like


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