I’ve been blessed with good friends over the years but they do sometimes come and go. I’ve been with my husband for nearly twenty years now and although we are really close I see him more as my partner in life than just my best friend. I’m not sure why, but ‘friends’ seem to be an external group and our relationship seems very internal. There are a couple of friends from university days I’m still close to, but unfortunately only see sporadically due to location. Some I made when I had my kids but several of them have petered off as life has taken over again. I have one close friend nearby who I don’t see often enough but she knows everything and has stood by me over the last 10 years and I don’t see that one breaking at all (thank goodness)

Yet my friendships I’ve made online have been just as strong and fulfilling too. One who I speak to every week but only see occasionally has really helped me in so many ways. Encouraging my photography and blogging and never asking for anything which means I would give them everything if I could. Then there are the friends who have helped me in my adventures in the last two years. Those we have met at Eroticon, cementing the bonds of online appreciate and inspiration, and there are the ones that have made fantastic memories with my husband and I.

Like the one good female friend who let me cuddle up beside her in bed. Let me stroke her beautiful body and opened her legs for me to taste a woman for the first time. The giggles as we explored how similar and different we were, and who came on my fingers and opened my eyes to so many possibilities.

The friend who asked to join my husband and I. When we respectfully shared a posh afternoon tea, then shared a bath and made me realised how amazing it was sharing my husband too. The joint pleasure of enjoying her was truly life changing.

The friends who always give us delicious food and wine before letting us devour them too.

The friends who let me be as filthy as I want with them.

The ones that let me tie them up and photograph them.

Those that share gin and giggles with me.

I’m so grateful for all their friendships, their time, their gorgeous bodies and all the fun I’ve had.

I can’t wait to spend more time with my friends and make more.

Black and white photograph of three naked women sat down on the floor in a row next to each other  all with roped chest harnesses on looking at their mobile phones

19 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Such a lovely, happy, positive thing to read. What wonderful friends you have and what a wonderful friend you must be.


  2. Friendship is so many things and offers so much. Loving the happy in your words; I can hear your friends laughing with you. It is one of your gifts you give others – joy. This post reminds me of how we are social beings, even introverts, and how important connections to others are to help us grow and to be human. You take a super pic too 🙂

  3. Great post to read and rather envious you have such close relationships. Your picture is fantastic; it reminds me in some ways of the steeplejacks eating lunch balanced in the metal structure of the Empire State Building. It holds your haze for far too long to be safe!! Love it.

  4. You are blessed to have found your tribe and acceptance from family – thanks for showing a reality , which seems like a dream now

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