To celebrate Violets new meme Lingerie Is For Everyone (LIFE) I thought I would share an image of some of my favourite knickers. It is a grey with white lace edging set from Freya that is about 2 years old. I have the matching bra and it’s relatively plain so good for under T-Shirts but has a great extra middle clasp that makes it good under tops without sleeves, and means I never get the falling down over shoulder strap problem. But these two image were to celebrate the knickers. Front and back.

See who else is posting for #LingerieIsForEveryone by clicking the image below

2 thoughts on “Grey is the new Black

  1. So fun to see the front and back views, for as I looked at the top photo I was wishing I could see the front, and then I scrolled down, lovely patties, a nice start to this new venue.

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