29 thoughts on “Time for a cuppa?

  1. I never noticed before that you only have one nipple pierced. Have you asked you this before…. how long did it take to heal and has it changed the sensation of the nipple at all?


    1. I think you may have asked before. Yes the sensation is different between the two. I like the difference. My nipples aren’t/weren’t that sensitive anyway. Took a few months to heal. I took it out for four years when I had two kids and breast fed then it went back in no problems. Had it done 20 yrs ago. Rings are easier to keep clean so I prefer them in but I change so regularly it doesn’t really matter. Cuffs are the worst though. Happy to chat about it in person some time.

      1. I noticed the one and got excited because I only have one pierced as well. Same with sensation in that I was never hugely sensitive, but the pierced one even less so. It took mine a bit longer to heal and it’ll be uncomfortable if my hormones are wacky. I’ve never taken mine out and was wondering how it would do if I did.

        I’m always excited when I see someone else with only one done!

  2. Omg . . . breathtaking photo . . . just gorgeous !!!
    And I love the piercing . . . my eyes keep going back and forth, from right to left, and back again.
    Just gorgeous !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Beautiful shot! My favorite part is how the crook of your arms frame your very seductive hourglass shape…so very feminine, soft and inviting!!

  4. A gorgeous picture of a lovely body AND tea? Sign me right up! I love the light and shade contrasts here and the hint of cheeky promise in the positioning of the mug. Yum.

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