Some of you may know that I received a gift just before Christmas from my husband, a name tag for my collar. We were both worried that the online company may not make it or send it with the correct engraving on. Our doubts were unfounded when it was delivered on time and completely right. ‘Anal whore’ on one side and ‘If found please use’ on the other. I’m a big fan of all things anal and delighted when I realised this was Kink of the Week! 

I don’t wear my collar very often these days although I love the feeling. Mainly if he wants to use my lead, or connect it to some bondage or my hook, but last night he asked me to wear it. Once the kids were safely in bed, I knelt before him and saw how delighted he seemed with me wearing it with it’s new name tag on. He promised me three things and asked for only one thing in return. I was promised a flogging, a fisting and a good anal fuck. The only thing I had to do (and agreed before hand) was at midnight, while he was fucking my arse, I had to take a photograph showing my collar and tag.

Like all things it’s never as easy as you think and with slightly luby but shaky hands I managed about 10 photographs, several of which were blurred, but I struggled to decide on which was best out of two that were mediocre. The top image I have posted he prefers the most because of the implied movement, but the only one which catches my tag clearly is this one.

I was worried he would be disappointed with the image because the side you could see wasn’t Anal Whore. He just smiled and told me afterwards “We shall have to just repeat the event to get the shot you want”

I hope 2018 brings you all everything you need and some of the things you want too. It’s definitely going to be full of new experiences here.

Happy New Year

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20 thoughts on “Happy New Year #KOTW

  1. Great post and perfect for KOTW. I often find that I have written something and it fits well into a following weeks meme — I am really pleased you are publishing on your new blog, I think you are a fantastic addition to the sex blogging writing community(i know u already involved i other ways) – and look forward to reading your posts over the year.

    1. Part of it is to prove I can. I sometimes ask husband but it’s just as hard – because he doesn’t know what I want and doesn’t see the flaws like I do in an image. But thank you x

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