Words have always made me wet. Moons ago (as a teenager) I would play with myself while reading anything remotely sexy. My evening and morning masturbation was routine, but so was reading before sleep so they often went hand in hand. Things like Clan of the Cave Bear or any of Jilly Cooper’s books. As an adult I strayed more into crime friction so less for me to play to until I was given my first Kindle. It was one of the first versions. Still rather heavy and a bit chunky but the books on it were invisible to others and I suddenly found erotic fiction again and all the subsections of this too. It was this that made me realise that I was submissive. It was these stories that set my loins on fire and gave me new ideas and urges to buy more toys and experiment further with my husband. It was the BDSM that brought the sex back into the written word for me.

I joined Twitter not long after this stage. I replaced the written scenes with real scenes. The story of the crop and a flogger was replaced with him using one. The written word then wasn’t my biggest turn on, it was the words he said to me.

“You delicious filthy slut, look how much mess you’ve made”

“After I’ve hooked you up and flogged you, I’m going to have your arse”

But not just his words, he makes them mine too. “Do you want some more?” I nod “No, you have to ask me” he almost whispers “Please can I have some more?” I stutter “No, be specific and ask me” I take a deep breath and manage to say the words that seem stuck in my throat “Please can you slap my cunt some more”

The power of the honest filthy spoken word hits me hard.

“Kneel for me and stay still” he states firmly. I feel him place them on my head. “Hold still!” I take a deep breath and try my hardest. “I want you to stay like that for me” he grins “I like the way you can’t wiggle about like this, because you can’t let them fall, and if they do, I won’t let you come. But if you can keep still while I play with those tits of yours, you will be rewarded”

I stay as still as I can. The weight of his words ground me and let’s me balance the words upon my head.

6 thoughts on “Words.

  1. Oh yes the power of dirty words whispered into your ear at just the right moment and this
    “After I’ve hooked you up and flogged you, I’m going to have your arse” is a perfectly delicious example

  2. Amazing photo and such balance! Books have always done it for me in more ways than one for sure 😉 Dirty words- cant do without them – and the ones you have written here are very hot x

  3. Books and the words within can have a massive effect on your sexuality, with ideas and lifestyle and out-and-out erotica, a bit turn on! Love your image!

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