There are several things in my head that make me weak at the knees and wet even though I’d probably never do or try it. One of these is the thought of being kidnapped or even role playing it with someone. In my head it’s a stranger (which makes the role play very difficult as my partner would have to be silent or getting someone else involved) There would be restraints, cold bare floors and walls, the feeling of isolation while being watched. Then being used. I know the higher the risk to me the more I yearn for it.

I wanted to try and recreate some of these thoughts with my photographs and I got the chance (albeit only a short chance) to do so recently. This in its self was risky. So perhaps I replaced the risk of kidnap sex with the risk of photographing myself in a certain way or place. Here are the images

I was outdoor using someone’s trailer. A bright single light illuminating me but it made me a shiny beacon in our dark corner of the world. It was cold and I was well aware that other people would be able to see me easily. I had only about 15 minutes and I managed only a few shots but these were my favourite two.

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10 thoughts on “a2zsubmiss K is for Kidnapped

  1. These are brilliant as usual Missy. I can see that this would be exciting and scary too. I can understand the appeal of the cold metal and the feeling of being locked in and helpless while exposed. I am glad that you were able to get the 15 mins to take these as they are really beautiful.

  2. I’m SO into kidnap as a fantasy as well (don’t think I’d like it in real-life roleplay but you never know, I might try it out someday). Great pix – very atmospheric and sexy.

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