Whenever I mention to others online or in real life that I need some inspirations for an image the comment “on a chair” always comes up. So here are two images for those people.

I took several on this chair one evening and I can’t decide on my favourite of the two. I think I prefer the top of the first image and the bottom half of the second. Let me know your opinions.

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24 thoughts on “Chair

  1. I much prefer the top image because you look more comfortable and relaxed in it giving the impression we have caught you in a candid moment. In the second one, which is lovely, it feels more forced/performative, if that makes sense


  2. I think both images are equally as stunning, I love the string contrasts of tone and the contrast of the softness of your body and the hard structure of the chair. Gorgeous.

  3. Not sure, I’ll need to study them at length, should I rephrase that? I do love the way your tits are pressed against the bars, and your nipples are projecting through it.

  4. Top one for me. It’s a great image and I love the way your breasts and thighs are pressed against the hard wood. Very sexy!
    Indie xx

  5. Both images are fab – love chair images too – used them quite a few times in different ways – your nipples look great x

  6. Both are lovely but I must admit I am drawn more to the second. It looks to me like your boobs are thrust further forward, with a hint of come and get me, which makes your lower half look further out of reach, which suggests a wonderful level of tease to me. You did a fab job including the chair though. I’ve tried one as a prop myself but never felt happy with the results x

  7. Lovely, Missy – taking Christine Keeler to the next level! Slats, shadow, stripes and mono is always a great way of creating an arresting image. Gorgeous x

  8. I would say the top image, as I love the hint of the smile on you. You look more relaxed, and I think it makes the whole image ‘work’ better.
    But overall the effect in both is stunning, so not an easy choice! xx

  9. I have to agree with your choices, certainly worth posting both pics. Your top and bottom look amazing in both photos. Love the black and white, too.

  10. I love both. They are so artistic and professional looking, not to mention how stunning your body looks through and around the chair. Very sensual ?

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