Our voice is such a flexible thing. We can bend and shape it, depending who we are with. The pitch, the volume, the strength of our accents and last of all the choice of words or lyrics make it a wonderfully versatile instrument. I’m not a real linguist, too colloquial in my written words. The finesse of my fellow bloggers often astounds me. But I’m not only a visual creature, I’m a creature of sound too. I play music and I love listening to the Human voice. I spend all day at work talking to others but on my car journeys and showers there is always singing. Often loud, raucous singing where I get the words wrong (which unfortunately my husband hates) So today’s a2zsubmiss is a little snippet of me. I originally tweeted a clip in two parts which I still believe is a much better version you can listen to here.

But here is a hungover version from today.

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