My mind has been all over this week. My work has torn great holes in my peace but my weekends have also filled my head with exciting memories – but by Wednesday I couldn’t focus. It was a day put aside for domestic chores (a non office day) but I was dragging my feet, spending too long on Twitter, I’d done a clothes wash, and been out for a supermarket shop but I needed help.

I sent a text to my husband. He knew where my head was at and came back to me with a task.

Image is a screen shot of text messages saying “you need to be clamped for a period of time, at least 5 minutes, to experience the pain. I want to see evidence during and after”

It was just what I needed. I finished my lunch and quickly completed my out and about jobs so I could get home to fulfil my task. I’m always best under instruction, with a prompt, or a request. I couldn’t wait once I got home. I had bags of shopping to put away but went and added my clamps.

Colour photograph of my front. I have jeans and a cardigan on but not bra or Tshirt. I’m wearing adjustable nipple clamps attached together with a chain.

He got this image along with a few video clips of me putting away the fresh food. Every time I bent down and picked up an item the chain swung and bounced. Pulling and tugging slightly on my nipples and breasts. Just doing a bending and moving job without a bra is bad enough but with the clamps I was moaning to myself and taking occasional gasps of delight. The task took about 15 mins but I needed to play. I sent a video clip of myself removing my clamps and reached to find myself dripping and just had to masturbate.

The build up had been long. The pain had set my pleasure going but after I’d released my nipples I just couldn’t find that peak I needed, so I ended up putting them back on so I could rub my clit to allow myself a release.

Colour photograph showing my view of my naked body laying on my bed holding the chain of my nipple clamps up high so my nipples are pulled up and pointing at the ceiling.

The day went much better after this and I kept a focused mind for at least the rest of the afternoon.

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14 thoughts on “Clamped Task.

  1. I have these clamps, and after reading this post I have resolved to try harder to get them on! (and endure them) So much sexy for this!! x

  2. I am not big into nipple clamps although I do love having my nipples played with and I can totally see why you dashed through your other jobs so you could home and play


  3. A great task and it obviously got you focused and cleared your head. Wonderful photos too, especially the stretchy one.

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