I never paint my fingernails. I don’t because of work. But I’m not working at the moment. So why not? I thought. I painted them this shocking pink. I keep looking at my hands. They seem like someone else’s. As soon as I’d done it I knew I wanted to take some images of them. I haven’t felt the inspiration to take new photographs for weeks. The lockdown had locked down my creativity too. So when the feeling struck I grabbed it with both hands. As you can see below.

Close up colour photograph of two hands pressing down over two naked female breasts  the fingernails are painted a shocking bright pink

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13 thoughts on “Pink painted nails.

  1. I love the pink. And you have inspired me. I rarely paint my nails but I always like the way they look when I do so I shall give that go next week


  2. Gorgeous image, and good that your bright nails inspired you to take this image. I hope despite the ongoing lockdown, your creativity will return. Stay safe!

    Rebel xox

  3. I’ve just removed my nails and I hate feeling so naked. I plan on giving them a bit of a breather but I think it’ll be very soon I attempt to paint them and give me a bit of colour again.

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