Last week as part of my a2zsubmiss series I posted two photographs showing my belly for M is for Mother. Which is covered in stretch marks from carrying two children to full term and also has that apron like sag that is often a feature post children. It created a mild stir among my followers partly because it’s been the part of me I’ve only recently learned to love and other people struggle with and partly because of some people’s appreciation of stretch marks in general.

One twitter and blog follower @ETCostello1 approached me with a request to draw these “precious things sewn under your warm skin, mother-of-pearl pathways, signposting, celebrating womanhood”

How could I refuse? We discussed poses and I sent him some new photographs and this is the wonderful result. I like how monumental it makes me look. How proud I am at the soft silver-slashed belly I possess.

You can see other amazing works by him on his blog Quiller Costello

5 thoughts on “My stretch marks

  1. What a lovely gift. We are often hard on our mom bodies. I am humbled when people remind me how lucky I am to have these marks. This drawing turned out beautiful.

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