One of the many things I took away from Eroticon was a copy of the anthology titled ‘Truth’. It’s lead to its own inspiration. So here are two new images I thought would be perfect for Masturbation Monday

If you don’t have your own copy of Truth you can get one here at ResonancePress but in the mean time click on the image link below to see who else is posting and writing wonderful things for Masturbation Monday

15 thoughts on “Truth

    1. I hope it doesn’t look easy because I hate to say I spend a long time trying to get something right. I’m a daft perfectionist and over achiever. I set myself tasks and I’m only happy if I get a good result. I’m not sure it’s healthy, but it keeps me focused and out of mischief.

      1. They look amazing so I am not surprised it takes a lot of work. These things always look better in my head than in reality so I think you have to have an eye which you obviously do. It’s a talent ?

    1. That’s what’s left of the big bruise two weeks ago – the one I was worried the doctors would see. I like the fact I didn’t edit it out – that and my stretch marks. ☺️

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