So last year I did a series of photographs using the alphabet as a guide. The pictures explored some of my kinks, hobbies, outfits and toys. It started with A is for Arse. I might post these on ThrowbackThursdays, spread them out a bit and maybe add a few new ones.

Black and white photograph of me wearing just black stockings and a suspender belt bent forward over a bed holding a spanking paddle behind me to make the shape of the letter A

An image I’m proud of partly for making the A shape but mainly due to the difficulty of taking a selfie with a timer on an iPhone when you can’t see the screen.

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4 thoughts on “a2zsubmiss A is for …

  1. Love body alphabets! I used to encourage my students to explore photography and literacy using this idea. While I showed them lots of examples at the start this clearly would not have been suitable. However it is definitely delightful and I applaud your dedication to the art given the degree of difficulty! You’ve just earned a slot in my #SoSS post this week!
    Indie x

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