I don’t like to wear anything in bed. I don’t like feeling restricted. I’m often hot too so extra layers are a nightmare. I occasionally need socks for very cold nights but that’s about it. But I’ve found I need something after I’ve had a hot bath. Something that covers my arms and legs but is thin and not tight fitting and lets me cool down after I’ve boiled myself for a few hours. So I decided to get myself some silky pyjamas. I occasionally put them on when I get up but aren’t ready to get dressed yet and my dressing gown is too warm or if I need something while staying at other people’s houses too.

I love the colour of them. What do you think?

A close up photograph of my chest showing myself wearing silky pyjama top that isn’t buttoned up and showing lots of cleavage. The top is white and red and green and black.  In a sort of Japanese style flower pattern.
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1 thought on “PJs

  1. I do not wear clothes while sleeping unless it is very cold and I know I’ll be getting out of bed during the night. Your silky pajamas look so comfy and sexy.

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