I’m going to a posh hotel later today with a spa. It’s a beautiful place I’ve been to a couple of times and as soon as I’m checked in I’m going to be in my bikini enjoying the sauna, steam rooms and pool.

It also has a fabulously large jacuzzi that previously I’ve managed to orgasm in just by positioning myself over the jets carefully

So I thought I’d wear something that would stand out a bit. Make people maybe double take at my bikini. Previously I’ve always tried to make my jewellery less obvious. But the older I get the more I want them to stand out.

What do you think?

A close up colour photograph of my large left naked breast showing a large star nipple shield held in place with a nipple bar that has sparkly light blue balls on the end.
Boobday logo with the words in black written over an image of a breast and nipple that looks like a daisy flower

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