What an amazing achievement for Molly to reach the 600th ever Sinful Sunday post! I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved for the last 249 weeks and I haven’t missed one yet. She has been a constant inspiration to me as a photographer, a blogger and a fellow kinky fucker, and I wouldn’t be blogging or taking erotic photographs like I do, if it wasn’t for her.

This time last week I was lucky enough to be enjoying a delicious large and comfortable bed in a fabulous hotel with my husband. It wasn’t suppose to be a filthy weekend but with such a gorgeous room, handsome company how could it not be?

Let’s hope I’m still posting photographs in another 5 years and having as much fun.

A colour photograph looking directly at a large hotel bed with matching lamps on either side a big leather headboard and a man’s firm buttock between a woman’s legs which are both pointing up and out. There is a great warmth to the image and incredible symmetry.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words written in black over a pink lip print.

12 thoughts on “600th Sinful Sunday

  1. Aww thank you. Your images have been such an inspiration to me too. One day we have to do each other…. in the photography sense at least


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