I was lucky enough recently to stay in the beautiful city of Amsterdam with my family. Although we had to deal with ridiculously steep stairs we had a fabulous city view and I couldn’t help myself in the morning to having a good look outside and watching as the city was waking up.

A colour photograph of the inside of a tall Dutch townhouse attic with very steep pitched roof, and dark wooden beams going across. The walls are white, the floor is wood and the sofa is red at the ems of the room is a massive window like double doors with a thin sheet curtain across it and light streaming in on the naked woman who is stood there holding the curtains apart and looking out. You can just see other tall buildings across the road.
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6 thoughts on “Amsterdam Attic

  1. Great picture makes me wonder how I would approach this situation and get to touch you gently without you turning to face me.

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