I’ve previously written about watching myself in mirrors during sex in the post Look at your reflection, but I don’t normally get off at watching myself. I tend to avoid mirrors but there is the odd occasion when it can be super hot.

When I’m taking photographs using my mobile phone as a remote I can see what my camera can see even if I’m facing away at the other end of the room. This can sometimes be a real turn on if I’m watching my arse bouncing up and down as I’m riding his cock. It’s like watching my own personal porn and watching an angle I’d never normally see.

One other time I’ve really got excited about watching myself was when I was set the task of filming myself orgasming. The camera had to be on my face the entire time while I was wanking and I had to keep my eyes open and looking at the camera throughout.

Believe me this isn’t an easy thing. Watching my own face isn’t something I do very often. I hate it especially on zoom/team calls and would prefer not to see myself so to be asked to do this was a real challenge. I did manage it and to be honest I watched it back hundreds of times. The bright blue of my irises shining and then the wide dark depths of my pupils as they dilate at the point of orgasm. I shared my task with my friend and it was a big hit. I haven’t done it again since but I do occasionally look back over the filthy little video clips I’ve sometimes made for other people and enjoy reliving that pleasure.

Maybe I should do more self voyeurism. Perhaps it would help me feel sexy and increase my libido but there is often an immediate discomfort that I have to get over and then it’s just an interesting sexy image.

Close up photograph of an eye. The image is mainly black and white but the iris is blue and their are patterns like flames in the iris. The eye lashes are long and dark
Kink of the week logo with the words in black written over a red lip print

5 thoughts on “Self voyeurism

  1. What an intense experience that must have been to film in that way. It sounds really intimate in a knowing yourself kind of way, and I kind of love it – I think it sounds really sexy.

  2. I have also been asked to film myself in that way as I orgasm, keeping the phone still was a challenge but I couldn’t orgasm whilst I could see myself, it was such a turn off for me I had to close my eyes.

    1. I propped my phone on my bedside table so didn’t hold it. But I agree it isn’t easy at all!!

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