It’s prompt time for Sinful Sunday and the prompt this month is Backlighting. I thought about all the silhouette images I could go for but I knew when I got this shot it was the one. I am in front of the light source really but my back is lit.

I stayed in a great apartment recently on the fifth floor and these large velux windows built into the eaves had massive windowsills which I couldn’t resist.

Colour photograph of a naked woman sitting on a large windowsill next to a velux window with her head down and only her naked back shown to the camera. Out of the window you can see the top of a red brick clock tower behind her.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words over a pink lip print

12 thoughts on “Backlit

  1. It is a beautiful and well taken shot. I love how the light is coming across your back but also plunging the other side of you into shadow also the backlighting is what has created the reflection in the glass


  2. Your skin always looks so beautiful in your images. I’ve taken a while to come back to this as my first look made me feel strange about you being headless – a weird response, I know. You are such a clever person with your ideas and you are so skilled.

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