I think about symmetry a lot in my photos. But I think balance is more important. I like to get things lined up right. Just in front or exactly placed to mirror a hip or a breast curve. A lot of my images I purposefully try and make an symmetrical as possible. For example Hotel Symmetry , Blue Tits and Ace of Hearts

Colour photograph of a bunch of white and purple tulips and behind them is the naked torso of a woman standing so the flowers cover her middle with just her breast in show (slightly out of focus) above the flowers.

But anyone who has photographed bodies or has studied their own body realises that we aren’t symmetrical really. One breast is usually bigger than the other, often noticeably so, one testicle hangs lower and is larger, and anyone who’s had any surgery knows that the scars and the work usually adds to the asymmetry. We like things equal and balanced but the search for symmetrical perfection leads to frustration.

I felt this image of myself and these beautiful tulips hint as this. The symmetry of standing directly behind them but aware my breasts are different sizes and one is pierced throwing it out. But the beautiful flowers with their unusual pattern reminding the viewer that symmetry doesn’t equal beauty and it’s that balance is everything.

Sinful Sunday logo with the words written over a pink lip print

7 thoughts on “Symmetrical or not?

  1. I love how you put the focus on the flowers, but even so it just served to draw my eyes to the background.
    You would have needed two of the nipple rings for perfect symmetry – the photo was very enjoyable as it was.
    Thank you

  2. I’m with you here, we put so much on symmetry being beautiful but nothing in nature is perfectly symmetrical and yet nature is beautiful.

  3. I think the symmetry of the human body is that illusion of it. We think it is there but actually it is not and it is that fact which draws us into the beautiful of the human form


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