The prompt for Kink of the Week at the moment is Nyotaimori which is when sushi is served off a naked person’s perfectly still body. I’m not a big fan of sushi but the thought of being used as a table for food for a group of people to enjoy eating off, is actually a big turn on. To be made to me still and objectified in that way ticks a lot of my kinky boxes. Especially if those eating from me are allowed to play with my flesh too.

This has never happened yet but I do remember giving a good friend a box of chocolate truffles and having the conversation about whether I could lay still enough for them to stay on me and not roll off. So I’m hoping that one day this might actually work.

Maybe it won’t be Nyotaimori but more of a smorgasbord of other items instead.

Olive anyone?

A close up colour photograph of a naked woman’s torso laying down, on which there are cheese crackers, grapes, cooked meats and olives placed.
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