Earlier this week I saw a hostess trolley for sale in a charity shop. I immediately thought about this week’s prompt for song lyrics for SinfulSunday but I couldn’t bring myself to buy the ugly thing so I left it. But it reminded me of the late great Victoria Wood.

In my late teens and early 20’s my go to show piece, if anyone asked me to play the piano, was Freda and Barry by Victoria Wood. I performed it at my Six Form Cabaret and it’s stuck. I may be a little rusty on the key changes these days and getting the verses in the right order but I can still do it.

It’s a comedy genius of a song which you can find here and so I couldn’t help myself with the idea for this week’s prompt.

Colour photograph of a naked ladies bottom on a bed being hit with a rolled up Women’s Weekly magazine
Sinfulsunday logo with the words over a pink lip print

5 thoughts on “Beat me on the bottom

  1. I LOVE this song. I didn’t know Woman’s Weekly still existed. Just brilliant. I am sitting here listening to Victora Wood and smiling.


  2. Beautiful picture. I love that song & Victoria Woods performance of it. Those feet of yours are still beautiful

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