Recently there has been several posts on my Twitter timeline of forearms and quite a lot of love aimed at them, so today I roped in my husband to help. I hope you enjoy his arms as much as I do.

Black and white photograph of a naked torso of a man with his his head in his hand showing off the muscles of his right arm. The image is quite dark and you can’t see his face.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words written over a pink lip print

8 thoughts on “Calm Contemplation

  1. I know you already know that I am a massive fan of this image. So much so that it’s hard to wrangle words instead of growly noises. If your stats look as though someone keeps coming back to this stunning and evocative image, you know who one of your prime suspects is.

    Have you thought about a photo series? I’m imagining a set of postcards/prints of your man captured in images by you. And, I’m not only asking as it would guarantee more pictures. 😇 I may have a list of ideas…

  2. I love this shot. It could just as easily signify anguish as calm I think, depending on the interpretation of the viewer, but it draws you in to wonder what might be happening beneath the surface. Not to mention all the lovely muscles (ahem).

  3. *points to Honey’s comment… both the coming back time and again and the series of images.

    This makes me ache for some masculine company


  4. This feels like such a sad image, his head bowed and buried in his hand, deep in despair or maybe just contemplation.

    1. I saw sadness in it but others saw strength and calm so I thought I’d try and be positive. Totally agree with you.

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