One of the great benefits of having friends who know about and encourage my kinky side and my blog is that when I go shopping with them they are on the same wavelength as me.

Recently, at the first meet up with a friend for a mooch round the shops and a bite of lunch, I saw this fan and as I looked to my friend they said “great photo prop” he instantly knew what I was thinking and helped me pick out the nicest design too.

This triptych shows three images I took with it and I’m definitely a fan fan now.

Collage of three photographs. The photographs are black and white with only green showing, and are off a naked woman’s torso lying down and a hand held folded paper fan covering her pubic area. The fan had a leave motif on and the green on that is the only colour.
Sinful Sunday logo of the words over a pink lip print h

9 thoughts on “Fan Fan

  1. This is a wonderful set of images. I particularly love the edit and how the muted colour of the fan pops against the black and white of your skin.

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