“I want to feel intoxicated from inhaling the scent of you.”― Truth Devour

I love the way people smell, someone who smells good is such a sexual turn on. My husband is a delicious example. Ever since I’ve known him he hasn’t worn deodorant or antiperspirants and I don’t know how he does it but he doesn’t stink. He works outdoors and will shower after a hot day at work but I would smell and sweat very quickly if I didn’t use deodorant. I’ve been known to bury my head into his hairy chest and just inhale his scent. He does have the odd aftershave but as he doesn’t shave (beardy) it’s rarely used. In fact his new beard moisturiser is probably the only scent he tends to use now. Which means I’m very aware of any changes in his smell.

Scents create such a reaction because they are closely linked to the limbus system in the brain which is associated with controlling mood, memory, emotion and behaviour. We probably all have stories when a certain scent suddenly throws up back in time to a vivid memory. This can happen with sexual memories too.

For myself one amazing memory involves waking up next to my husband one morning, slightly hungover and tired from a great evening the night before and rolling over to him. Quickly as our hangover horn was building, I straddled him and laid my head onto his chest, then I breathed in and the scent hit me. I sniffed again, moving my nose around his chest, realising I could still smell her perfume on him. Her scent and my memory of watching them was a heady mix which instantly had my cunt clenching and I didn’t wait.

Another time I raced home from work early, after a morning of knowing what he had been doing with her on my bed while I had to work. The excitement I had felt building all morning nearly exploded when I climbed the stairs and threw myself on our bed (expecting myself to have to wank) but I was taken aback by how I could smell her there. Not just her but him. They’re joint smell was so incredible that when he got back shortly after I made him fuck me right there with my head pressed against the bed and him telling me exactly what he did with her.

For me the quote above should read – I want to feel intoxicated from inhaling the scent of you on him.

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2 thoughts on “The way she smells on him

  1. indeed i love the smell of Mistress on me.
    Wonderful post to be honest until i read this i didn’t even think of Her smell on me in my goatee. Thank You this put a smile on my face.
    wonderful phot

  2. Oooh yes! I do love smelling her on him and also him on her. Knowing what they’ve been up to and that I can smell them both just mixes into a horn inducing combination.

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