… while the sun shines.

This is the first image I’ve shared taken with my new zoom lens. I went out this week on my own to practice with it. I’ve discovered a few things about it. Firstly it weighs a tonne and carrying it with my tripod/camera body for any real distance is hard work. Secondly I’m so much further away from my camera I was worried my WiFi link to my phone as a remote wouldn’t work (but it did!) I haven’t pushed the limit yet but I’m sure I will. This lens is definitely for use with other people – let’s hope that opportunity can happen again soon.

Colour photograph of a pale naked woman lying on top on a rectangular hay bale
Sinful Sunday logo of a pink lip print

22 thoughts on “Make hay

  1. This is an incredible image Missy…a beautiful Woman comfortable and confident with their equally beautiful body. Artistic and erotic…*an outside nude always seems more arousing, maybe because of the “naughtiness” of being naked somewhere your not supposed to be, the risk of being seen*…the pose just seems to scream “take me now”

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