I decided I wanted to try and take some photos outside this week as I had some days off. Unfortunately the weather has been awful so when I got a dry hour one morning I set off to a local field I knew I might get some images in. I had this idea about being on the pale wrapped sillage bales I had seen previously on a walk and took my camera and tripod out.

The activity itself probably took more out of me than you would realise. I use a WiFi connection from my camera to my phone to use as a remote so had to set up the camera first with my phone in hand. I have to keep my phone on so it doesn’t loose the connection so couldn’t just put it in my pocket until I got to the top. I decided to climb up via some unwrapped bales next to these so kept my clothes on while I heaved myself up onto one then another bale. (Each about 4 feet high) once up I stepped across onto the sillage bales. They were so wet! The water collected in the creases on each one and it was so slippy. I eased around the side of the stack in front of my camera and then needed to get undressed. I wore jeans and a lose shirt to go out in (it wasn’t that warm) and my walking trainers. But standing on one leg on top of slippy bales getting undressed was not my best idea in the world. I stored my clothes out of the view of the camera and took about 9 photos in different poses. I’d wanted to do some sitting and lying down but the cold wet slippy bales made me change my mind and my fear got the better of me and decided I should get down. I reversed my task. Getting dressed at the top, sneaking round the bales, climbing down the hay and just as I got to the bottom it started to rain so I grabbed the camera and put it away.

I know I’ve previously got a real endorphin rush and high from taking photos outside (usually with friends) but maybe I pushed it a little too much this time. Remind me to take a buddy next time I try images so high. Hope you think it was worth it.

Colour photograph of some green plastic wrapped sillage bales with a naked woman stood on top  bending over showing her naked bottom

17 thoughts on “Butts and Bales

  1. Your images are always definitely worth it, their imaginative, wonderfully erotic and inspirational. though promise me if you go climbing over slippery things in the future You’ll take that buddy with you…I could do with one myself, if only I wasn’t so far away.

  2. I’m always up for being your buddy. Damn distance meaning that it would be limited.

    I love this pic and knowing what you went through to get it makes it even more amazing – oh, and your arse! 😍

  3. Great photo! Thanks for sharing and what you had to do to capture that moment. I must confess, when I saw your beautiful arse, the bales appeared to me to be rolls of toilet tissue!

  4. This photo has to be a winner, and it is in my book. The composition, colors, and mood, not to mention the naked woman on the hay bales. And after reading your story, Missy, I am even more impressed. It would be fun to see the outtakes.

  5. This is such an amazing image and what you did sounds exactly like something I would do and then realise half way through that maybe it was a bit mad. I am glad you escaped unscathed


  6. Gosh, there goes so much into taking pictures, especially outside! I love the sort of pastel tint to this picture, and I applaud your bravery, and I am relieved you didn’t slip and hurt yourself!

  7. The contrast between the corn husk green of the bales and your flesh is beautiful. The way that your ass frames itself, your ass cheeks creating a welcoming entry and opportunity for imagination is stunning. And it sounds like you got your climbing cardio done for the day too.

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