I was given a challenge this weekend when I asked for inspiration for photographs. The suggestion/challenge came from Honey and was this –

“ Face down, arse up. Camera positioned at your head end looking down at you. I’m imagining you with your spine slightly curved to show your back and waist and hips”

Those of you that know me personally know I love a task, and that I’m also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my images. I did managed a shot I was happy with although I’m not sure it was exactly what Honey wanted. But I’ll be honest I had carpet burns on my face, sore knees and cold feet by the end of it. But what it does show (apart from my dogged determination) is some of my curves. The curve from my waist to hip and the curve over my buttocks. Let me know if it was worth it.

Colour photograph of a naked woman kneeling head down and just the image if her arse up in the arse from the front
Wicked Wednesday logo in a rainbow circle

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