The idea of perverting an everyday object into a piece of sexual equipment is a great feeling. Over the years I’ve enjoyed experimenting with whatever was to hand, be it a classic kitchen equipment like a wooden spatula or that narrow thin necked smooth metal flower vase.

Our sofas were bought with the idea of the height and softness of the backs and arm rests to be easy to be bent over. Even my dinning room table is solid oak and well proportioned for play. But what I really enjoy is corrupting a desk.

Maybe because I’m not a usual rule breaker. A diligent worker always wanting to do my best and get things done. There is generally no link at all between my work and my sex life. Maybe it’s the idea of corrupting someone else’s work space that sets my cunt on fire. To be bent over a polished wooden desk and have my arse spanked and be fucked from behind is such a delicious turn on. So much so that any really highly polished wooden desk I see sets my mind wandering and the urge to corrupt it and those around me is intense.

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8 thoughts on “Over the desk.

  1. oooooooof. this really resonates for me. i can’t tell you the number of times i zoned out in a big meeting at a big board room table thinking about getting absolutely RAILED on its glossy surface!

  2. When we finally get round to decorating our lounge and buy new furniture, bendover-ability will definitely be high on my checklist of needs!

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