What do you do with the glow sticks at the end of bonfire night? When the kids are in bed and the glowing lights are still making me smile? Do you make them into increasing concentric circles and then try and balance them on yourselves and stay still for a slow shutter speed photograph?

You don’t?!

A rather dark Colour photograph of glow sticks made into different size circles and balanced on the stomach of a woman. The faint glow just lights up the edges of her body.

I was a bit giddy after our bonfire night and the simple pleasure of playing with glow sticks and my camera before bed was enough for me. This was my favourite image and it reminds me of one of the Venus figurines like is tweeted about by @WhoresOfYore seen here .

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20 thoughts on “Concentric Circles

  1. It must have taken you quite some time to set this up and I am always in awe of your ability to produce such amazing self portraits. I love the effect of the light against your skin and it produces a stunning image ?

    1. This one was relativity quickly set up and taken. But part of that is getting to know my camera so much better. I don’t have to take 10 trial shots to get the settings right now – and with a timer and or remote it really helps. In fact I think this shot my husband actually pressed the button once I was happy with the set up.

    1. I’ve wanted to try them again since I did the image of them with my glass toys. But only had them because of bonfire night – I like the fact they keep glowing faintly for three days!

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