Colour photograph showing a camera on a tripod in a a large room with wooden floors and brick walls and three empty stools facing it

My trusty Canon Camera has become part of me lately. I’ve started carrying it with me on trips away and seeing friends. I’m getting use to the weight on my shoulder, building up the muscle of my right arm. Practicing holding my breath as I press the shutter to try and be as still as possible. Clicking the legs on my tripod to quickly change its height. Learning how to move and pose in front of the camera while watching my own image on my phone.

I’m learning about light and settings, trying to find the words to ask other people how to position themselves in certain ways. (Which is much harder than I thought!)

But sometimes it’s just about getting the right people in the right place and having a giggle and a drink in front of my camera. That is the most fun.

Colour photograph of three women sat on tall stools wearing jumpers and matching long argyle socks in different colours blue red and brown, the image only goes up to neck height and each woman is holding a glass of wine. The background is industrial red brick and wooden floor boards

Colourful logo saying wicked Wednesday

18 thoughts on “Strike a pose.

  1. I always love the fun and sexiness in your images, and love how you collaborate with others. Like you, I use my phone to see myself move in front of the camera, and once I have more space, it will be much easier to play around with light and settings. I am just too limited now.

    Love the images here!

    Rebel xox

  2. I love this picture and I’m thinking more and more of taking pictures with a camera and not just my phone.

    What makes this picture especially striking, is that I recognise the three beautiful models ?

  3. I am LOVING the argyle! The fact that they are all over-the-knees makes it even better.

    (And yes, I realize this is supposed to be about cameras. But, I mean, who can resist SOCKS?)

  4. Love this. Absolutely LOVE it.

    The repetition of threes, 3 pairs of sexy Argyle socks, 3 stools, 3 flutes of fizz and of course 3 lovely models.

    And the chemistry of friendship that would have made this a very fun shoot to be part of.

  5. Such a brilliant image! I’m envious of the opportunity you have to photograph friends as I’d love to be able to do that. Your images are always up there amongst my firm favourites x

    1. This one was at least three months in the planning. A weekend with a few friends when I promised to bring my camera. I wish I had friends nearby who want to be photographed but it isn’t the case. If you are ever in Yorkshire let me know!

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