24 thoughts on “Tough as old boots.

    1. This is exactly what I was going to say, except AM put it better that I would have.

      Missy, it’s a lovely photo and it makes me glad you decided to post something this week. It’s more art to me than erotica, although there is definitely something enticing about it.

  1. I only usually wear my walking boots in the winter but this last week or so I have had to dig them out again. Maybe they deserve a photo opportunity at some point too


  2. My reaction to that saying is to give you a big long hug..
    To feel your soft side.
    The contrast between the old boots & your nakedness is lovely & the image to me shows your vulnerability.
    I find it emotional.. or it could be because I’m feeling emotional.X ?

  3. Youlook so very beautiful, and vulnerable, in invulnerable;nerable boots.

    You should always remember that you are tough in you own quiet way, and that you’ll long outlast those boots.

    But in the meantime they – and you – look very cool!

    It’s a lovely and evocative photo.

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