26 thoughts on “Soft focus

  1. You are an absolute master at this, your images always have impact, wit and beauty. With a dollop of ‘oh, yeah!’

    This is an amazing shot – no idea how you managed the logistics – but the composition, the lighting, focus and colouring are exquisite.

  2. Oh, this is am amazing photo. The darkness in the background and the glow of your skin works so well with the soft focus. Would love to know how you executed this — lens or in Photoshop? The image is lovely and evocative, the pose is striking and it would have been a great photo no matter what but I think this prompt was a perfect setup for this to sing.

  3. For soft focus, this is such a bold image, and like Littlegem’s it has an otherworldly fae feel … as if you are being born as a human from fairy.

  4. This is another of my favourites, absolutely beautiful and so inspiring as a story prompt. You look like you are emerging like a butterfly or moth, or are you hiding? So many possible interpretations and so creative!

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