Today is my first year anniversary of my blog and I’ve posted nearly 200 times this year, with nearly 300 different images. Although I’ve changed my blog and moved it to self hosting and changed the name all my posts are here to look at.

I want to thank Molly and Micheal particularly for the help with this and everyone else for being considerate to my need to change.

You can see the changes in my photographs and slightly in the style too, over the last year, but I’ve always been keen on geometric shapes and symmetry so this image is no exception. Let me know what you’ve enjoyed and maybe what you’d like to see from me in the new year. I’ve finished my a2z images and I may not be posting as many Saturday jewellery change images either so I’ll need something new to focus on. Luckily SinfulSunday keeps me on the right track too.

To see what others are posting for Sinful Sunday click the lips below.

13 thoughts on “Tied and used

  1. I got sidetracked venturing into your a2z images, and you have quite the jewelry collection, I’ve seen some before. Love the nipple cuff with spiked bar design.
    This is a sexually charged photo. Don’t give up Sinful Sunday, please, ever.

  2. Uunf. I saw this earlier, but wasn’t in a place I could comment. This makes me think of how badly I want to be in that position and how badly I want to touch you in that position. Great shot.

  3. I’m always in awe of your images and this is no exception, in fact, I thought of it in a positive seeing moment when we were having dinner last night! Very inspirational! X

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