24 thoughts on “Underneath

  1. Oh, this is magnificent. I love how it’s not *quite* a silhouette, but almost… but that details, like hair and veins, are still very visible. This is sexy as fuck.

  2. This is awesome. I love the fact that while your face is mostly in darkness we can still see the look of sheer joy on it, you look so happy to be in that position. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo x

  3. Damn! This is sooo good! One of my favourite places to be and you couldn’t have captured it more perfectly. I’m actually amazed at just how spectacular this image is!
    Aurora x

  4. Fuck, this is all the yes. I love that you are really just a silhouette but the light is picking out detail on his body, the hair, the texture of his cock, the little gleam at the end where the skin is so smooth. Those details are gorgeous and sexy and a feast for me eyes.


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