Those who are familiar with my blog and photographs know that I bought a small LED light for a mobile phone. It’s rechargeable, small and light and I got it from the cheapo supermarket aisles that my hubby affectionally calls “Argos has vomited”

It has been a great tool to use (although most of the time I use it with my big camera and not actually clipped to my mobile as it was designed for) and when I wanted to get a slightly different image for my jewellery change photo I thought I’d try some colours. I couldn’t decide which I liked best but I love this combination. Each photograph is a different one and these were put together unedited. What do you think?

A collage of four images of my naked left breast with a nipple ring in that has a drop bar below it and the ball on the end is white with little pink hearts on it. Each of the four images has a difficult colour light for taking it. Turquoise, Blue, Pink and Green. It has a pop art look about it.
February PhotoFest logo with the words written in a yellow box near an image of an old fashioned camera
Boobday logo with the words over a warm image of a naked chest

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