This is my foxtail, occasionally worn for fun and games and just because I like to stroke it and feel cute.

I’ve struggled against being cute all my life until recently when I realised it’s actually something I like being. The struggle is similar to the control in my life. Brought up to be fiercely independent emotionally and financially and as a trained professional, the idea of enjoying looking cute and being submissive is an ongoing internal battle but a also a wonderful revelation.

My tail is a great symbol of this.

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9 thoughts on “a2zsubmiss T is for …

  1. That’s a very cute looking tail. I had the same struggle with cute but I’ve given up with that, life it too short so I’m going to go with playful and cute!

    1. Funny isn’t it – I tried so hard my early adult life to be taken seriously, be independent, to look smart not girly. And now a days I want the opposite

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