The Kink of the week prompt at the moment is Boots. I love the idea of kinky boots, maybe some thigh high shiny black ones, or some super stiletto high scary ones for frightening men with. To be honest though I don’t wear heels apart from really rare occasions.

I’m not good at dealing with the height and they give me back pain, but I do wear boots a lot. I have a favourite pair of boots I bought 12 years ago that I’m still wearing every winter. I also grew up wearing my classic black DocMarten boots, changing the laces to match my outfits.

So a few years ago when I was on an eBay spree, I found some new black DMs and the following Cherry Red beauties. Wanting to feel young again and not caring about what I wear so much these days I couldn’t help myself buying them.

They may not look as sexy as stilettos or as alluring as thigh highs – but they make me feel 20 again, and all the carefree thoughts that go with it.

Sexton also likes these boots, but I may not be my usual submissive self while wearing them!

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11 thoughts on “Day 7 Boots #KOTW

  1. I LOVE these boots and I have a feel you are totally going to love the pair that will feature in my post as they bare a very strong resemblance to yours


  2. I have never owned a pair of boots like those, could never afford them (Doc Marten’s) I just love you chose of color. DocMarten’s were so popular during the 90’s for the grunge movement…and if wearing them makes you feel young fuck what others think. You look great in the first photo. And the last one is something I would love to try 🙂

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