Looking at this week’s prompt of Daily Routine, I was unsure of what I could do. I think I’m what you would call a low maintenance woman as I don’t do make up, any daily skin routine, clothes are simple to get me to work but the same each day, but…. one thing I do make sure of is I brush my teeth well twice a day. So here I am with my electric toothbrush in hand, making sure I keep my smile looking sparkly.

Take a look at what other daily routines are in the spotlight by others this week by clicking on the lips below.

27 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday Daily Routine

  1. Until I read the text, I wasn’t sure what you were holding… I must admit, my mind went directly in the gutter – LOL

  2. I love mirror shots! Like Krystal, I was sure you were holding something more deviant than a toothbrush! Then again, it is a vibrating toothbrush, so….

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