I am sexy because …

Well you can all fill out your own reason in that sentence. Maybe it’s because you like my tits, or because I’ve sucked your cock or you know I probably would if you asked. Maybe it’s because of the photographs I take or the activities and play I do with my fella and friends.

You might not find me sexy and that’s alright too. We aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. But I know I’m sexy because I am. Even on days when I don’t feel it and life seems hard, because he tells me I am. I am sexy even on days we aren’t getting on because I can remember all the fun we have had and will have together and separately. My memories and my future plans help too.

I am sexy because I just am.

A black and white photograph looking up a bed at my body. My feet have long socks one and fill up most of the image but behind that and slightly blurry you can see my naked breasts and thighs.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words over a pink lip print.

4 thoughts on “Sexy because …

  1. OK, I LOVE, LOVE this.
    Yes, you are. VERY sexy. Your writing is perfect and right on.
    And yes I think so just because of who you are (remote blowjobs don’t do it – but imagining that is nice).

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