This has been an awful week for me. I’ve struggled tremendously. But I’ve never missed a Sinful Sunday post since I started blogging and I don’t feel I should now. But I’m trying to remember it’s ok to not be ok.

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7 thoughts on “It’s ok to not be ok

  1. It’s OK to not be OK. I hope that your week is better and you can refill your reserves. And, welcome to the broken club. I am struggling and only just managing to post because if I don’t, I’ll stop so much more and lose part of my existence.

  2. It is most definitely OK to not be OK. I had a shit week too and I was also definitely not OK but like you, Sinful Sunday feels important. I fear if I miss one that might be the end of my blog and I refuse to let that happen.

    I hope you feel better and I really hope the slightly lighter days brings you a little whisper of hope of spring as it did me last week


  3. I am also not ok, I missed last weekends post because I was so empty, I just couldn’t.

    Let’s hope there is hope around the corner and things start getting better again.

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