I can’t show all of me on here. I have to keep half hidden for my families sake. I’m not ashamed about who I am and what I do but that doesn’t mean that society is ready to accept me as I am without prejudice.

Which half do I share? My sexy half. The half that longs to be fucked in the woods. The half that goes and takes photographs with naked men and then enjoys sucking their cock afterwards. The half that is happy with how I look (cellulite and stretch marks and all). The half that seems fearless and fun and is frivolous with her time and energy.

The rest is still me but maybe not as interesting on here.

A colour photograph in the woods.  At the right hand side of the picture is half my naked body from ankle to neck.  You can see the curve of my hip and my right breast. My hand is behind me and my purple Bob is just visible at the top. The image is warm and vibrant with greens and browns.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words in black written over a pink lip print

6 thoughts on “Half of me

  1. I know exactly what you men. I hate hiding the full me here but for *reasons* I can’t reveal all of me.

    But like many others, I do enjoy seeing the half of you that we do see.

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