My simple pleasure is reading. Usually uninterrupted time with my book. I’m a binge reader. For example yesterday I picked up a book from the charity table at my local supermarket. Reposted a pound in the tin and got home with it about 1pm. I finished the book at about 8pm that day. I’d also had a dog walk and been out for dinner so you know I did not much else. It’s my favourite way to devour them, in one sitting if possible. Immersed in someone else’s life and story that I forget my own for a few precious hours. I haven’t read as many books this year as I have the last few (I blame Netflix) but it’ll be over 50 in the year at least. Not large weighty tomes but generally crime or historical fiction with the odd light hearted chiclit and a good scattering of erotica too.

Colour photograph of me laying naked on my bed on my side.  My head is down reading a book called My Husband’s Secret. My hair is Bob length and dark purple. My skin is pale against a honey coloured bed throw.
Sinful Sunday logo with the words in black written over a pink lip print

7 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. 50 in total at the end of the year or 50 so far this year?

    I have managed 36 so far this year. My goal this year is to get to a 100 in a year and then next year will be the year of long books.


    1. I’ve read over 70 in previous years but I’ve only read 19 so far this year so I might get to 50. I don’t set a goal because it’ll stop me enjoying them and make them a task I’ll need to do. But I had no idea before Covid how many I read. Now I take pics of each cover to help me remember and count.

  2. I do love to curl up with a good book too. I used to be a binge reader but just lack the time now so I try to read for half an hour a few days a week or I end up losing the habit.

  3. I love that we both picked the same simple pleasure. Reading is one of my most favorite activities and I do love the lazy afternoon vibe of your picture 🙂

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