It’s prompt week again on Sinful Sunday and this time it’s Retro/Vintage. I don’t do much vintage but I do get a lot of my clothes from charity shops and this lovely Italian Wool coat is one of my favourite finds. It’s heavy and warm and in this image really gives me a 70’s female detective vibe.

A colour photograph of a woman outside wearing a long wool coat with a fine herringbone check to it with her hands in the pockets. The coat is open slightly and the woman is naked underneath her breast breast and waist to top of her boots are exposed.  The image looks dated like she’s from a 1970’s female detective movie.
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8 thoughts on “Long wool coat

  1. The beauty and texture in this image is amazing. Softness, warmth, and some power and invitation.

    And goodness, the very shape of you. I need more than a moment.

  2. I love the way the pattern in the coat is not dissimilar to the one of the fence. Also I think you could totally take a great film noir shot in the coat with the right light/shadows and maybe some stockings


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